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We provide all the tools you need to become a successful, self sufficient, confident Swing Trader & Active Investor.

Learn how to trade successfully from a 20+ year trading pro that will guide you throughout your learning and trading career. We have translated complicated technical analysis patterns into simple understandable applicable methodology that help traders succeed in a fraction of the time. We teach a proven system that can fit anyone’s lifestyle. Making money in the markets is not impossible nor hard if you have the right tools and apply a strict set of rules to your trading routine.

The Swing Trading and Active Investing Course is a comprehensive education course is designed for individuals that have the desire to become self sufficient traders and investors, taking advantage of the market upswings and downswings, generating wealth from Bull and Bear markets and manage their own money.

No prior experience required. No prerequisite necessary. We have designed this course to fast track beginner traders to successful traders and investors. We have trained and mentored thousands of traders.

The Swing Trading and Investing Course is taught LIVE ONLINE. It offers the unique opportunity to interact with the instructor at any time.

Our course will provide you with the necessary knowledge to start managing your money consistently better than any professional without being chained to your computer.

Learn innovative strategies that work in today’s market that generate big returns and minimize risk. Our strategies are easy to follow and use.

Live Courses are scheduled the second week of each Quarterly (January, April, July, October)

Learn How to Swing Trade
and Actively Invest In Stocks and ETF's

Your Successful Trading Journey Starts Here

Futures & Stocks Trading Education

Course Curriculum

Live Courses are scheduled the second week of each Quarterly (January, April, July, October)

  • Introduction to Swing Trading & Active Investing
  • Swing Trading & Active Investing Time Frames
  • Analytical Time Frames
  • Multi Time Frame Alignment
  • Synchronicity & Divergency
  • Relative Strength and Weakness
  • Charting
  • Charting Tools and Indicators (Moving Averages, Volume & Other powerful indicators
  • The Four Market Stages – The Only Way to Win or Lose
  • Trends & Trend Trading
  • Technical Analysis & Fundamental Analysis
  • The Anatomy of a Trade
  • Trading Strategies (5 Trading Strategies including Gaps)
  • Trading Patterns
  • Trailing Methods
  • Money and Risk Management

Trading Incubator


Trading Incubator Curriculum

  • Order Execution
  • Advanced Chart Reading
  • Scanning
  • Identifying High Odds, Low Risk Set-ups
  • Creating a watchlist
  • Scaling in and out of trades
  • Intelligent Stops
  • Pyramid Trading: Profit Stacking Strategy
  • Damage Control

Trading Incubator


$ 6,997.00

Course Tuition

Stocks Swing Trading - Wealth Generating Trading Course Incubator

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What Traders Are Saying

Take control of your own financial future
The education TradeOutLoud teaches is priceless. Anyone that wants to take control of their own financial future needs to take the Day Trading or Swing Trading Courses. I took both. You can apply everything to any market you trade: Forex, Stocks, Futures etc... You see a chart - you know what to do. The course delivers everything you need to know, plus you get unlimited support through your learning process. Priceless....

Ian Fowler, 

Student Trader

I’m so grateful and thankful to have found Anka!
Not only is Anka an exceptional person, but she offers an exceptional trading service. Anka has helped me improve my trading consistency while providing her professional setups. Anka taught me how to “Control” risk with the smallest stops possible, and maximize my gains. With Anka I’ve found I can take my trading to a new level I never thought possible. I’ve admired Anka’s open and friendly nature in her classes. I’m extremely impressed with Anka’s generosity, intellectual insight, creativity, leadership and respect for others. I feel I’m in a good position to comment on my transformation from a novice to a competent trader in a short few years. I feel there is no end to what I might accomplish now and beyond with Anka’s teaching skills. I’m so grateful and thankful to have found Anka! I highly recommend Anka’s course. "It’s your turn now to become a confident trader with Anka"!


Student Trader

...my most profitable year ever with Anka's help
If you are looking to learn how to make your money work for you this is the only course you will ever need. The Wealth Generating Swing Trading and Investing Course teaches you how to trade and grow your account safely in any market environment. 2020 was no walk in the park, however it was my most profitable year ever with Anka's help. Trading is not easy but you will learn to trade with confidence, highly technical pattern that deliver great return on the investment, effortless trading.

Sean B, 

Student Trader