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Stock Swing Trader is the ultimate solution for the busy trader

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Trading List
We scan through 6000+ stocks each week to find and handpick the best swing trade ideas that have the highest probability to deliver above average gains

Technical Analysis and Trading Plan
We deliver a high level technical analysis on multiple markets, context and structure and we create the blueprint for all the trade ideas that meet our criteria

Precision Trading
The Stock Swing Trader curated picks have exact entry prices, suggested stop levels , targets and management suggestions

Start the week in the Know How
Each Monday morning you will receive the Stock Swing Trader in your inbox with all the information for the upcoming week (market context and analysis video, upcoming news and earnings reports) for you to place your trades and let you money do all the work.

Follow Up and Updates
Timing is very important especially in volatile markets this is the reason why we have created a private feed for trades updates, market context and new trade ideas

We keep a real time portfolio performance with all the active traders and upcoming trades that are on our list and at the end of the day we post all the trades updates

Stocks & ETF
Delivering Stock Swing Trades to Members since 2010

A Service for Self Directed Traders

We will teach you how to navigate the market without being chained to your computer.
Our approach is 95% technical and 5% fundamental

MARKET Analysis. TRADES Analysis

Each Monday you will receive an email containing:

Trade TIME Horizon

Swing Trades: 2 Days – 2 Weeks Investing Trades: Few Months to Year(s)

Real Time PORTFOLIO Access

All trades are posted in the real time performance portfolio All trades include exact entry zones, suggested stop areas and profit targets We adapt our stock picks based on the market environment


The Stock Swing Trader is more than just a delivered alert. Based on the information we provide you can develop your own trading strategy, it will enhance your market skills and charting knowledge and sharpen your technical analysis approach to trading.


Market conditions change and when they do we send timely alerts Hot market: expect more trade idea to be delivered throughout the week We are also here to help you. We answer all members’ questions, even on stock that were not called by us.


Independent Retail Traders Financial and Investment Advisors Portfolio Managers High Net Worth Clients

The Stock Swing Trader will help you outperform the market and grow your account faster.

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