Automatically calculate your Futures Risk per Trade
Indicator designed for Ninja Trader

Determine your ENTRY and STOP then the POSITION SIZE indicator will determine how many contracts to trade based on your allocated RISK LEVEL.

Position sizing is what is going to make you or break you as a trader. You can be a fantastic trader with a great batting average, however if you do not respect the proper position size you can blow up your account. We agree with the industry standard of using 1% or 2% Risk per each trade. We have designed this Indicator for the fast paced market environment we are trading in. It automatically calculates your contact size based on your risk per trade amount.

It is easy to use and it even traces targets (bonus)

Four easy steps to automatically manage your trade with the Position Size Tool:


Preset your risk for each trade. 

Click on ….. To start drawing your “risk cube”


Determine the ENTRY click the trade button, extend the “risk cube” to the STOP loss area.


Ready to take the trade? Hit the LONG or SHORT button then TRADE.


The indicator comes with 3 targets. Targets can be easily adjusted right from the chart, higher or lower based on your preference.

Mange partial profits with ease.

The indicator will automatically calculate how many contracts to take the trade with.

In addition you have 3 predetermined targets.

Prerequisite:You need a Ninja Trader account

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You will see the position size indicator will output an order quantity based on the instrument and risk amount selected. So in a fraction of the time it would normally take you to figure this all out the TradeOutLoud Position Size Indicator has figured out your size for you.

If you put an entry [here] and a stop [here] and if I want to risk $800 – what is my size? And that is the problem that our tool solves.

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